Part 2 – Just Plain Stupid


Part 2. Going from “ignorance is bliss” to “just plain stupid”.

After a while, you realize the food you’re eating does not always have an immediate negative effect on your body. We don’t want to think about the negative effects of our eating habits. Even though I knew what I was eating was not good for me, I was still eating whatever I wanted because I was feeling good. I had no ailments, conditions or diseases to alert me to the dangers I was getting into.

My tongue (taste buds) told me to spit out anything that was salty, bitter or sour. I would eat some good-for-me foods such as vegetables and salads, but I would still eat the things my tongue really enjoyed. I would eat ice cream after dinner every night. I would devour donuts, cakes, pies, cookies, brownies, candy and bread any chance I could get. It all just tasted so good!

I would even go to All-you-can-eat buffets so I could get my money’s worth. Not only would I eat several plates of the meats and vegetables, I would always fill up one big plate with as many desserts I could pile on it. I didn’t feel bad, I just felt full.

Trying to handle the stress in my life contributed to most of the choices I made in eating. It made me feel good, or should I say, feel better. This feeling was only temporary, and with the tongue urging me on, it was easy to add on a few extra pounds. I was working really hard at being “just plain stupid” in the eating choices I was making.

I went from 225 pounds in the 1980s to 275 pounds in the early 1990s. By the time I got remarried in 2001 I was up to 325 pounds. By 2006 I was up to 439 pounds. Because of my fat belly and 64 inch waist, I could not even put my socks on without help from my wife or my son. I simply could not reach my feet.

That was the year I started to have health issues. I went into the hospital for 12 days that year in May for an infection in my legs, swollen feet, irregular heartbeat, and sleep apnea. The wheels were starting to fall off the wagon at age 57.

After discharge from the hospital, I decided to lose weight to get healthy. I lost 80 lbs. in 6 months by making all the right choices – mostly diet, glyco-nutritional supplementation and self-control. Exercise was not a major component of my plan, because just walking was a chore with that much weight on my feet and ankles.

Since I was feeling healthy after losing 80 lbs., I figured I had achieved my goal of being healthy, not realizing that the two are not the same. Since I now felt so good being able to put my socks on without any help, I went back to being “just plain stupid” again.

In June 2010 I was back once again for an outpatient heart cauterization. I now weighed 406 pounds, my blood pressure was 92 over 58, and my nuclear stress test showed I had blockage in my heart. My cardiologist also found one heart valve needed to be cleaned. This out-patient surgery would be necessary to possibly put in stents, clean the arteries and cleanup the heart valve.

The surgery was done at the hospital as an outpatient on June 3rd. I was in by 6:30 am and out by 11 am. I was really ashamed of my body that day. Needing to come through my groin into my heart, they duct taped my belly to the side bars of the hospital bed to keep it out if their way.

Two weeks after the surgery, Sue and I met with the doctor to find out the results. There was no disease, no damage, no blockage and the doctor did not have to clean the heart valve since it was already clean. The doctor and his nurses were surprised at my results.

Just two weeks prior to my surgery, I had met with some friends of mine here in Houston. They have an international healing ministry. With their hands on my heart, they commanded any disease, damage or blockage to be gone in the name of Jesus Christ. The tests provide the proof. Praise the Lord!

I went to my regular doctor for a rash and dry mouth in June 2012. My blood work showed a glucose level of 440. Never testing over 115, this came as a surprise. We agreed to wait one month to run the blood work again. At my next visit, we would discuss which route we should take – pills or insulin, regular doctor or endocrinologist.

The doctor agreed to waiting one month because I had just celebrated Father’s Day at Red Lobster two days earlier. I had consumed 12 cheddar bay biscuits, a salad, a baked potato with all the toppings, cocoanut shrimp and a dessert in 45 minutes. I later discovered this meal had almost 600 grams of carbs.

I convinced the doctor that I would control my eating, come back in a month and run the tests again. I was determined to do just that; however, I had no clue what to do. My wife claims I am stubborn; I just wanted to do it my way. This decision almost cost me my life.

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon three weeks later, we were preparing for some friends to come over for a movie night – watching Kung Fu Panda on our big screen TV. I was making frozen popsicles from natural fruit only, with no added sugar. I made separate popsicles from strawberries, banana, peaches, pear, fruit cocktail and pineapple with cocoanut.

Everything was going great. Only problem was I had way more fruit than the frozen popsicle molds. After blending my first batch, I had to drink what was left before cleaning the blender for the next batch. I drank 6 large fruit smoothies in about 30 minutes. I didn’t think anything about it since it was all natural sugar. Again, I was “just plain stupid”.

What happened next was my wakeup call – how almost dying opened my eyes!

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It is amazing to me that you are willing to share such personal details to help others in their struggles. Very commenable. Thank you.

Sue Wing


I almost lost you, sweetheart. I am so glad you are making great strides in your plan to get off insulin!

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