Part 4 – Changing My Sugar


Part 4. How Changing My Sugar, Changed My Life!

I learned in 1995 how important it is to have certain sugars in our diet to provide for our body’s needs. By doing this, the cells of my body would not only have the nutrition they needed but my body would also function properly as it was designed. Eight of these essential sugars were first presented by Robert K. Murray, MD, PhD, in the 1996 edition of Harper’s Biochemistry textbook which has been taught in our medical schools for the last few years.

These essential sugars work to strengthen the cell and cell membrane. The study of sugars is growing and is now researched in universities worldwide. A partial list of these sugars is included in the Free e-book “Change Your Sugar, Change Your Life”, available for download from

We get some of these essential sugars through the foods in our diet. Other sugars are not readily available in our modern diet. Some of these sugars are also very expensive in pure form. To make up for the lack of those specific sugars, our body will attempt to manufacture those specific sugars from the sugars we do eat. Not a very efficient way of doing things.

Without these sugars in my diet, my body was crying out for more sugar. I thought this meant more donuts and ice cream. I decided to add a nutritional supplement with the 8 essential sugars to my daily protocol. After several months, I no longer had cravings for sweets. My body was getting what it needed, so it no longer had to cry out for more sweets to fulfill its demands of “Send us more sugar!”

Like many people who don’t like to spend money if you don’t have to, I took these supplements only until I felt better. I stop taking them when I thought I didn’t need them anymore. The craving for sweets had gone away in late 2006 after losing 80 lbs. We usually will take something when we feel bad and stop taking it when we feel good.

With nutritional supplementation, we need to take it all the time – not just when we feel bad. For example, a car needs the oil changed on a regular schedule and not just when the engine runs out of oil and blows up. When you don’t maintain your car properly the check engine light will come on lets you know there is a problem, usually when it’s too late and more expensive to fix.

Our bodies are the same way. The body’s “check engine light” will come on if we do not properly maintain our body’s nutritional needs. We need to take better care of ourselves. Don’t wait till your “check engine light” comes on, do some preventative maintenance now. Take better care of your body and your body will take care of you.

Regular table sugar will break down quicker and get into my blood faster. In my research, I discovered another essential sugar, Trehalose, which I added to my diet. Trehalose has a different effect on me since it takes longer to breakdown. I eat cereal for breakfast every morning with 2 tablespoons of Trehalose. Checking my blood sugar just before lunch, my glucose numbers will range from 65-80.

I always check my blood glucose prior to eating all three meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner. For an experiment, I decided to also check my glucose level precisely 2 hours after eating breakfast. On the 2 days I substituted the Trehalose with table sugar on my cereal, my glucose reading was 30 points higher with table sugar than with Trehalose.

Since Trehalose does not have the same effect on my blood sugar as table sugar, I am putting together a cookbook with recipes utilizing Trehalose as the sweetener and flavor enhancer instead of table sugar. Trehalose is only about 50% as sweet as regular table sugar and does not have that very sugary aftertaste you get with regular table sugar.

I was trying to put together a plan and I had the right sugar to eat with in my diet. My blood sugar numbers were looking good and my A1c was doing very well, but I still wasn’t losing the weight I wanted.

My next step came as a shock – Reality Check – What i Learned In My Research About Diabetes.

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