Part 5 – Reality Check


Part 5. Reality Check – What I Learned In My Research About Diabetes.

Everything was going according to my plan except for two things. I was still taking 120 units of insulin a day and I wasn’t getting anywhere closer to my goal weight of 220 pounds.

In May of 2014, I took my wife to see one of our doctors who had moved his office closer to our home. I noticed his office was located inside a weight loss clinic. While my wife visited with our doctor, I talked with the head of the clinic. I discovered our doctor is one of the doctors that oversees the patients of the weight loss clinic He is board certified in 4 specialties – internal medicine, pulmonary disease, critical care and sleep disorders. He understands that losing weight will improve overall health.

I also learned that our cardiologist is another doctor that oversees the patients of the clinic. Since I had difficulty losing weight, I figured I would see what they had to offer me. Their strategy was to focus on me – making sure that my weight loss plan conformed to me and my needs. It was a very structured program and very flexible strategy designed to help achieve my goal.

The first thing we did was develop a comprehensive medical profile, blood work and body analysis. The blood work included measuring my testosterone level PLUS my insulin level. No doctor had ever included insulin on my bloodwork. The expected range is 4-13, yet my level was 372. That’s right, I didn’t stutter – 372!

Too much insulin in your blood will keep the cell walls from allowing nutrients to pass through. If you have a high number and you are spending money on food and supplements, rest assured that those nutrients you think you are eating are passing out through your bladder. Say bye-bye to your money. Ask your doctor to check your insulin level on your next blood work order. You need this information!

My testosterone level was 105 and should have been around 800-900. I learned how Testosterone, the hormone that makes you an energetic young man, naturally decreases with age and this decrease in testosterone makes it more difficult to lose weight. My extra fat actually converts the testosterone I do make into estrogen.

They started me on a 40 day regimen of small injections of HCG to help me with cravings and to convert fat to energy. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a naturally occurring hormone in the human body. In addition to burning fat, it also decreases appetite. This helped to kick start my plan into high gear.

My natural testosterone therapy program is administered once a week along with a natural Vitamin B-12 shot. The testosterone injections have increased my muscle mass and decreased my fat at the same time. I started this program without any changes to my diet. I wanted to lower my fat composition, build lean muscle mass and reduce my insulin injections while eating whatever I desired at the same time.

If I was successful at achieving these goals while eating whatever I wanted, I knew I could get even better results once I started making better dietary choices. I ate what I wanted, controlled my tongue, listened to my brain, counted my carbs and made limited choices. I could have that chocolate cake, but I had to choose not to eat other carbs in the same meal. Being selective gives me better glucose numbers.

In the beginning and once a month, I am measured by the clinic’s InBody Direct Segmental Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Device. It views the human body as five “segments”: the arms, the legs, and the trunk. Accurate and independent measurements of each segment are essential for providing analysis not just for each segment, but for the entire body. Don’t need to understand it, just know that it provides an accurate picture of my body over time.

Well, I’ve given you quite a bit of information without really telling you anything. So here are some numbers after 15 months of following protocol, water aerobics at the gym, and no special diet:
• Testosterone rose from 105 to 869
• Insulin level dropped from 372 to 69
• Insulin injections decreased from 120 units a day to just 30 units at night.
• Total body weight loss of 14.8 lbs.
• Total gain in muscle mass 12.7 lbs.
• Loss of 10 lbs. of fat in EACH arm
• Loss of 4 lbs. of fat in EACH leg
• Total loss in body fat of 30.8 lbs.
• Drop in % of body fat from 50% to 43.5%

As exciting as these numbers are, this is just the beginning. Now, it’s time to make better choices, especially in my diet.

Now’s the time to make a plan – The Choices We Make Determine the Path We Take.

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Jim, My compliments on your outstanding blog. You will be able to help many people with your experience in overcoming diabetes.



I appreciate your kind words of support. I look forward to helping others win the battle. It won’t be easy, but it can be done!

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