Welcome to my blog!

Welcome To My Blog! This post will help you find your way around MyDiabeticWorld

This page will help you find all the parts of my true story “Confessions of a Recovering Diabetic”. This story is an ongoing look at my journey of becoming a type 2 diabetic, my struggle to get off insulin and my desire to encourage others on their journey of becoming Insulin Free.

My story starts with “Part 1 – In the beginning there was ignorance, and ignorance was bliss!”

Around age 30, I moved to the next stage of my life in “Part 2 – Going from ignorance is bliss to just plain stupid!”

Things got really serious when in July 2012 I had “Part 3 – My Wake Up Call – How Almost Dying Opened my Eyes.”

While struggling with the new diabetic diet, I discovered in “Part 4 – How Changing My Sugar, Changed My Life! ”

In my search for more information about insulin, I learned that doctors were just as confused as I was in “Part 5 – Reality Check – What I Learned In My Research About Diabetes.”

I finally realized there were choices I had to make to make up for all the bad choices I had made over the last 65 years of my life. I discuss this in “Part 6 – The Choices We Make Determine the Path We Take .”

If you are really serious about changing your life around, download your free copy of “The Quick Start Challenge to Living Insulin Free” and the free e-book “Change Your Sugar, Change Your Life.”

Once you have downloaded and read the material and my story, you are ready to start your own adventure. Follow my blog. also, comment and share your thoughts and recipes. I am looking forward to sharing this journey together!

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