About Me

Welcome To MyDiabeticWorld.

I sell life and health insurance to pay the bills. It is surprising how many clients I meet that are diabetic or have a close family member that is diabetic. Diabetes will not keep you from purchasing health insurance; life insurance is a different matter. Life insurance companies can rate you up or even refuse to issue you a life insurance policy based on diabetes or insulin use.

When I almost died in July 2010 from a DKA after my blood sugar hit 771 in the ER, my life changed completely. My journey since then has been a struggle with diet, exercise and getting my friends to understand the challenges that we diabetics are faced with. That is the reason I started this website and blog – to share my story and encourage others faced with this increasingly common condition.


I realize that we are not all the same in our battle with diabetes. Some of us are Type 1, some are Type 2 while others are pre-diabetic. This is a place where people faced with the challenges of Diabetes can come together to trade tips, recipes and natural approaches to improve our lifestyle. I want to challenge you while encouraging you to know that you are not in this alone. i am looking forward to our time together here on this website and my blog.